5 Self Storage Mistakes I Learned

I didn’t look into the facility
Before selecting a self-storage facility, it is crucial to conduct extensive research. Examine the ratings, safety precautions, and amenities provided. Make sure the facility is clean, well-maintained, and provides the amenities you desire, such as climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, adequate lighting, and bright illumination.

I did not select the proper size
Pick a storage unit based on your requirements. Underestimating your needs for space can result in a unit that is too small, which can result in extra costs or the requirement to rent another unit. On the other side, picking a unit that is too big will result in you paying more than necessary. For assistance determining the unit measurements that are suitable for you, consult our self storage size guide.

Not properly packing
A cardboard box is positioned on top of two rolls of packing tape.
The security of your possessions depends on proper packing. To protect your belongings, use strong boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. To prevent damage or accidents, carefully label the boxes and stack them correctly. Not sure if your packing method is satisfactory? Never fear; our comprehensive list of storing and packing advice will help you with every detail.

Ignored climate-controlled storage
Consider using a climate-controlled storage container if you are keeping delicate items like electronics, artwork, or antiques. Your possessions will benefit from an additional layer of protection from the severe temperatures that could otherwise cause some items to deform, break, or melt.

Did not Frequently Visit the Unit
Regularly check on your items to make sure they’re all in good condition in your storage container. Additionally, this will enable you to see any problems early and take the appropriate action.

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